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About Me

I was first introduced to literature by my Mother and in my childhood and early teens read all the classics from Enid Blyton to Charles Dickens and beyond. My love for writing started at around the age of eleven when I first discovered that I could very easily and quickly compose a poem instead of spending hours writing an essay that had been requested by my teachers. From this period onwards, I started to translate my thoughts and emotions through the written word, writing poems when I felt devastatingly sad, or indeed ecstatically happy. Although some of these early gems have since been lost to posterity, I did manage to salvage a few which made up a proportion of my work contained in my first book ‘Curses and Verses’.


I published my book of poems ‘Curses and Verses’ back in 2014 which is a collection of poetry written over the years that encapsulate the various people, animals and situations that have shaped my life. Some were written long ago at the tender age of 14 and some, many years later.


From the deep sorrow of lost loves, to the joys of pet ownership and the fears of old age and death, the poems reach out and touch the reader, resonating with reality and hope.


My most recent work ‘Olly & Me; The true story of a dog, a man and the search for spiritual enlightenment’ tells the tale of life with Olly, my faithful companion for ‘not enough’ years. I wrote this book because it’s a story well worth telling. It’s about love and devotion, happiness, joy and deepest sorrow. It’s about one truly amazing dog’s relationship with an ordinary man and his family.


It is dedicated to this extraordinary dog and the struggles that he endured whilst remaining the best companion a man could ever have. If that sounds biased, I offer no apologies at all as Olly was indeed extraordinary, at least to me. So, although this is his story it will resonate with thousands of other dog lovers, an any animal lovers, who have the deepest affection for their four-legged friends.

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