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Following the successful publication of his book of poetry in 2014, poet/author Andrew Casey has now written this heart-warming and sometimes heart-breaking story of his beloved dog, Olly.


This is a true tale that describes, not only man’s unique relationship with our Canine friends, but also the search for the truth about what happens when our loved ones depart this life.


It is written with honesty, humour and compassion.


A must read, not only for dog lovers, but for anyone who is interested in the enigma of our existence.

Curses and Verses is a collection of poems written over many years and which encapsulate the various people, animals and situations that have shaped my life.


Drawing on my experiences, from the deep sorrow of lost loves to the joys of pet ownership and the fears of old age and death, my poems reach out to touch the reader, resonating with reality and hope.


Simple, sad, funny, sombre and thought-provoking, Curses and Verses is a unique read for anyone who enjoys poetry.

Featured in West Essex Life, Female First and Books Monthly.

Silver Lining is an anthology of poetry that reflects all the types of violence people commit against one another and the hope for a better, brighter future. The poets who have contributed to the anthology come from all over the world and have written the poems based on their own experiences, feelings and thoughts.


The poems cover a wide range of violence, from worldwide conflicts to violence in the home, from mental illnesses to bullying  and more.  The purpose of this poetry anthology is to raise awareness of the violence present in our everyday lives and even make a difference to those who are victims of violence, with all the proceeds going towards Futures Without Violence.


I have contributed three poems to the anthology; Last Train, Forward and Night Raid.


Published by Baer Books Press. 

Released: August 2015

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